ocdgirl (ocdgirl) wrote in bad_service,

So my sister and her boyfriend recently went to Miami to visit his family...

and came back with this gem:

This is the story as was related to me...I don't really have any more details than this.

Apparently his mom and dad told my sister to pick a place to go for dinner their first night there. So she picked a pizza place. A place she and her bf had been many times before. On this occasion, though, things didn't go so well. They ordered salad, and when it came? It was all moldy.

Her bf took it up to the counter to ask for a new salad and the girl behind the counter picked off the moldy pieces and gave him back the salad. This made bf angry, he demanded a manager... Apparently this led to a shouting match before the manager was summoned.

Long story short, the bf told manager that the girl at the counter was rude and explained what had happened and the manager told him that they'd had complaints about her before, refunded their money, and everyone was on their way. But seriously. Ewwww.

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