Lianajay.<3 (justthatclassy) wrote in bad_service,

Kindly STFU, dude.

Dear cafe-working friend A,
yes, you hate friend B. Yes, I am friends with friend B, and she's come in to the cafe with me. Why, oh why did you think that just because you know us, you could be a Special Snowflake and let your professionalism fall to the level of bitching her out loudly? You're an idiot. The manager doesn't give a fuck about your teen drama. Express your hate some time when you're not at work, k?

..But, to the guy at JayJays who wrote his MSN address on the back of my reciept and then wrote 'pretend im giving you my phone number', dude, that was so immensely cute. It made my day. Thanks a bunch.
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