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The milk affair

Alright , so where I used to work , there's this little cafe with pastries and stuff and it USED to be a great place..

until the new owner started business there..

Now it's neglected and the quality of the food has greatly decreased. but I didn't notice before that LAST time I went there.

See , I take that muffin and take a milk from the freezer . I pay and on my way I go.

While on the elevator up to my workplace , I munch on that muffin , which was not well cooked
(isn't there anything worse than bitting into a muffin and reaching a liquid center ugh)

well yes there is ...

I want to wash that weird taste away , so I take a big chug of the milk and , well you probably guessed it..
The milk was rotten.. So now I'm stuck with half cooked muffin and rotten milk in my mouth , which were immediately rejected by my body.

I loked at the milk bottle .. the EXPIRY DATE WAS 2 MONTHS BEFORE THAT DAY!

So I go back to the cafe and complain .

The guy at the cash register told me that on the bottle it said the date was to say it was "fresher before" .

Which is somewhat true .. Milk can still be drunk 1 or 2 days after the expiry date .. but not 2 whole months.

And anyway , I don't think it's even LEGAL to sell it after that date.

But he didn't want to refund me and he kept insisting that there was nothing wrong with the milk ..

I kinda got frustrated at that moment and rushed to the freezer and got out a total of 6 milk bottle that were expired
and told him that I was not paranoid and that if he didn't want me to report his ass to public health he should refund me now.

he finally did after 10 more minutes of arguing.

I still reported him.

What's worse , is that at one point he was telling me it was my fault for not checking the date on the bottle.


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