Gerald Washington (alpacacock) wrote in bad_service,
Gerald Washington

Yesterday afternoon I went to grab a bite to eat with my mother. I ordered the turkey sandwich, which comes with tapenade smeared on the bread.

nomnomnom *crunch*
I bite into an olive pit.
nomnomnom *crunch*
I bite into another olive pit.
So now I scrape off the rest of the tapenade, and find two more olive pits.

The server comes around and asks if he can get me anything else.
"Well...I found a pile of olive pits in the tapenade..."
"Four -- that's quite a few for so little tapenade."
" should probably tell the kitchen."
"Oh yea...sure", he rolls his eyes, "...I guess I'll tell the kitchen."

And that's the last that was said about that. I got the impression that there were supposed to be pits in the tapenade. o.O I would have told the manager, but I had a hard time talking to her without being distracted by her tits and ass peeking out of this really thin, really short dress she wore.
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