Karen (molkat) wrote in bad_service,

AT&T Wireless

For years I had used an AT&T wireless phone through the "pay as you go" plan. This July I decided to get a normal plan since I was switching over to using my cell phone as my primary phone. I go to the AT&T store after researching their plans and phones and set up my new account with the salesman. For some reason my sale doesn't go through. Apparently they had just updated the software at all of the stores and the computers were acting a little buggy. They assured me my phone would be activated by the next.

Flash forward four days later and many phone calls to AT&T customer service I realize they are doing nothing to activate my account and no one has a clue what is going on. Being four days without a phone is very frustrating since I had to sit in the office of my apartment complex where they were kind enough to let me tie up a phone line by being on hold for 2+ hours. At the end of the fourth day I go in and return the phone and cancel my account which was still not activated. The employee showed me that he was cancelling my account... or so I thought...

Flash forward a month and I get a bill from AT&T in the mail. I call up customer service where I was informed my account had been activated the day I canceled my account and was still active. At this point I calmly explain that I do not even own a phone with an AT&T chip. After only one transfer they managed to get it handled. Since there were no signs of activity on my account (no minutes or messaging used) they agree to credit me the charges and cancel my service with no cancellation fee. He finishes up the call by asking me if I'm happy with my new cell phone service and if there would be anything he could do to get me back to AT&T... like friggin' hell!! *hugs sprint phone*

Flash forward another month; I get another bill from AT&T, this time for the amount of last months bill, this month bill, and $175 cancellation fee. I call them up and go through the same song and dance. Of course the woman helping me starts off asking me "Why didn't you cancel your account within 30 days to avoid an cancellation fee?" *head desk* Maybe because I was working under the assumption that my account had never been activated, that I had cancelled it before it had even been activated and the first bill didn't arrive until after that 30 day period. So they're still claiming my account will be creditted and all will be cleared up but I have serious doubts.

Ughhh. What I can figure out is that the salesman didn't cancel my service so that he could keep his commission on the sale. Grrrrr.
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