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post office suck

I was waiting for a package to be delivered to me via USPS. The one time I wasn't around to receive it was the day it showed up. Not being home to sign for it, they left me one of those pink slip thingies to reschedule delivery or use it to pick up the item at the post office.

Things to keep in mind:
- I couldn't use the pink slip to reschedule a delivery because my mailman never retrieves the slips when I do that. I am in an apartment that doesn't have normal mailboxes, but one like this (err, not the decoration, but the open-on-top style). Maybe that's nothing to post office workers in other places, but mine is lazy or something, and never checks inside the boxes, because when I tried it before I always just found my pink slip squished underneath other mail. However, you can schedule redeliveries online. (Or so I thought.)
- I couldn't go to pick it up at the post office. I don't have a car. I could take the bus there and back, but it was a box full of BOOKS. I knew it would be too big and too heavy for me to carry.

My story can be mostly summed up in this email exchange with me and the post office:

"I'm inquiring about a package that was supposed to be delivered to me but I have yet to receive it, with the first attempt delivery on 7/7/08. Article number [x], parcel with signature confirmation.

After I missed the first delivery attempt from the post office, I went to the USPS website the same day, to schedule a redelivery. I filled out the information and set it up to be delivered on 7/8/08, the next day. The redelivery was set up okay, although I regret I didn't write down the confirmation number.

The next day, 7/8/08, I did not receive my package. So, realizing I didn't have my online confirmation number, I instead called 1800ASKUSPS to let them know I never got my package, and to schedule another redelivery. However, when I spoke with someone there, they weren't able to actually schedule a redelivery. Instead, they gave me the phone number to my local distribution center and told me to call there.

I called my distribution center immediately after hanging up with 1800ASKUSPS. I spoke with a gentleman who assured me he would call my local branch of the post office and have them redeliver the package today, 7/9/08.

However, today I still have not received my package. I just called my local branch post office - but they would not speak to me about my redelivery. Instead, they referred me back to the distribution center. Since calling the distribution center had zero effect already, I am hesitant to call again. Instead, I thought I'd try this online form.

I am unable to go to the post office to retrieve the package, and would simply like my package to be redelivered to me. If I could get confirmation that this is scheduled to happen, then I would appreciate that.


The amazing response:

"Dear naushika,

Thank you for contacting us about item number, [x].

The sender must contact the originating Post Office for information.

For further assistance regarding this item, the United States sender must call 1-800-222-1811:

Monday through Friday -- 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM Eastern Time
Saturday -- 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM Eastern Time
Sundays & Major Holidays -- Closed

If I can be of assistance to you in the future, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for choosing the United States Postal Service®.


Marta P"

So, Miss Marta here clearly sent out a canned response and in no way actually read my email or even looked up the item number.

1: The sender was from CANADA, not the US. If she had bothered looking up the article number, she would have realized that. So, the offer of "assistance" was worthless because this phantom US sender didn't exist.

2: What does the sender even have to do with it? I KNOW WHERE THE PACKAGE IS. I HAVE THE SLIP. My gripe is that I can't seem to set up a redelivery with my post office. IS THAT A HARD CONCEPT? What, exactly, could the sender do in this situation? The originating post office is just going to say "Yeah, we sent it" and they'll find in their records that my post office has confirmation of receipt. That gets me nowhere!

2a: The sender can't do anything anyway, since she was sending me those books because she was giving away all her stuff before joining the Canadian military. She's in boot camp right now.

3: Why does the post office website say "if you didn't receive your scheduled redelivery, call us at this number or email us with this webform" if it does no actual good and they're just going to tell me to go somewhere else?


After witnessing my pure, unadulterated rage (honestly, getting the run around at every single fucking turn like that pissed me off more than I've ever been upset at anything in my life) my boyfriend volunteered to go pick up the package for me. He doesn't have a car either, so he just carried it back for me. Fortunately he is strong like bull, but even for him, a BIG BOX FULL OF BOOKS is kind of heavy, and he spent the rest of the day not being able to lift things cause his arm muscles were all strained.

GOD I HATE THE POST OFFICE. Look out for more post office gripes from me come winter, when I complain about how they only deliver mail once a week when it snows.

I would complain to someone at the post office about how impossible it is to schedule a redelivery, but I know it would fall on deaf ears. Everyone at my local post office is a jerk (seriously, they are really rude there, and also they're stupid, as evidenced by that one time I tried to mail a package to the UK only to be asked "what country is that?"), and the post office pretty much has a monopoly on mailing stuff anyway, so it would take an act of God to get them to change.

tl;dr: The post office, despite their claims, does not actually deliver mail.
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