Lianajay.<3 (justthatclassy) wrote in bad_service,

Hairdresser WTF.

My hair, when I don't straighten it, is.. not quite curly, not quite wavy, just.. weird. Pretty much exactly like this with some sticky-up bits (and as a result, everybody I know calls me Beckett).

I went in to get my bad, self-done layers evened up, because they look awful unless I straighten my hair and I want to stop straightening it daily, which I explained to the chick doing my hair. She chopped a bit, then straightened my hair. I assumed this was so she could.. see if it looked okay straightened and if she needed to fix anything. Or something. But then she did the rest of the cut. And as I was leaving, she informed me that 'to keep it looking even you'll have to straighten it daily'.

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