thegreatmouton (thegreatmouton) wrote in bad_service,

A Wal-Mart WTF? ...

It's not really bad service, just incredibly bizarre (to me at least). I'm finished shopping at the Wal-mart, pushing my cart out to the car when I make eye contact with a cart attendant. I think I did a smile and nod sort of combo, and then he asks "How are you?" I say "I'm good, how are you?"

It's at this point that I may have stepped into the twilight zone, because the guy starts ranting about how this is his day job and how he pushes carts for a living. This goes on for a few minutes (at least while I get to my car and load my stuff). I'm flabbergasted - I have no clue how to respond to this, so I just get to my car and leave.

I was probably rude because I didn't say anything to him after I asked how he was doing, but I was honestly speechless. Like I said, not bad service, just uncomfortably weird.

EDIT: I realize that this is probably not the best place to put it - is there a community where this would fit better - maybe one for general WTF moments?
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