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Why yes, we have no sandwiches...

UCLA has recently completed building a new hospital (named after Ronald Reagan - oh, the irony), so they now have a new hospital cafeteria and an old hospital cafeteria. The old cafeteria has had "reduced services" since the new one opened. This is a bad service on part of UCLA, not any of the people involved. And it's pretty small, but it really annoyed me.

I used to get half a tuna fish sandwich for lunch from the fresh sandwich bar at the old cafeteria, because that was the only vegetarian sandwich option. The new cafeteria has a fresh sandwich bar as well, but it only makes fancy sandwiches. Again, there is only one vegetarian option, a portabello mushroom-eggplant-zucchini on some kind of fancy bread for $11. If you want a standard sandwich, they sell pre-made whole sandwiches that are made somewhere off campus the previous day and put in a fridge.

Last week I tried to get a tuna fish sandwich at the old cafeteria, but they said that they didn't have it and to come back later. Today I went back to get one. They still don't have tuna fish, and the only other options are meats like beef and turkey. So I asked to speak to the manager because they don't have any vegetarian options. He was very nice, but completely useless.

Manager: That's right, there are no vegetarian sandwich options.
Me: What happened to tuna fish?
Manager: We don't have anybody who's making it right now.
Me: But there isn't anybody making it at the new cafeteria either. So where can I get tuna fish?
Manager: You can't. That's why we put up signs saying that the cafeteria has "limited service".
Me: Yes, but I don't read a sign that says "limited service" and immediately think "oh of course, no tuna fish".
Manager: That's a good point.
Me: Okay, so when is tuna fish going to come back?
Manager: At some point in the future, when it get's worked out.
Me: Fine. Then I won't be buying anything from you guys since everything here is meat.
Manager: Okay.

I'm a grad student. I'm willing to spend $3 to get half a tuna fish sandwich, but not $9 to get a two-day-old whole tuna fish sandwich, where I'd then keep half of it for another day before I ate it. Who knows, maybe I'm being unreasonable, but is it really that difficult to have tuna fish as a sandwich option in the fancy new hospital cafeteria? For some reason this is just really grating on my nerves.

Teal deer: You can't get a freshly made tuna fish sandwich anywhere on the UCLA campus. The only vegetarian sandwich options are 1) two-day-old sandwiches kept in a fridge in the new hospital cafeteria or 2) over-priced crazy-veggie sandwiches. It could just be me, but that's pretty strange for a very large hospital's cafeteria.
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