Beth (kid_lit_fan) wrote in bad_service,

I know who lives here, trust me!

Some woman named Catherine (which happens to be our daughter's name; imagine how I felt when, a week before she was due to be born, someone called and asked "May I speak to Catherine?") has given our number to HER DAUGHTER'S MIDDLE SCHOOL. Nice mothering, there. They've only called twice, once because they found a condom in her backpack (good job leaving a detailed message on an answering machine that clearly states "You have reached the Georges!" I can only imagine what would have happened if weak-hearted grandma or angry Dad had been listening. And why were they IN her backpack anyway?) and one telling Catherine to come pick her daughter up, she had a 101-degree fever. I picked up and explained that it was a wrong number. She chewed ME out because it WAS the number they GAVE her. Yeah, but I'm not coming to pick up sick pre-teen whom I've never met.

A man named David Paiva used to have our phone number, SEVEN YEARS AGO. He evidently still gives it to people, and runs up lousy credit, then the creditors call OUR NUMBER. (It really was his number at one point, it was in the phone book when we moved in. I asked one of the creditors how it was spelled.)

OK, that's not their fault. But the harrassment is. "No, David Paiva doesn't live here. We've had this number for seven years, there is no David Paiva here. It doesn't matter what our address is, the previous tenants were not named Paiva." (One creditor could NOT understand how this was possible. Wow.) For a while, our answering machine said "David Paiva has not had this number for over a year." and the creditor calls turned to hangups.

I actually had someone ask "Well, can you give us his new number?"

"I don't HAVE his new number, I've never met the man."


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