caughtincircles (caughtincircles) wrote in bad_service,

Minor but annoying suck!

Scene : Extreme Pita

Thanks Ms. Clueless cashier for not only making me feel like I had three heads, but for giving me so much faith in people in general. I am well aware that beef is well... beef. I'm also aware that my body cannot break down the enzymes in something in it, and causes me to become violently ill to the point of hospital visit within 15 minutes of eating it. Therefore, me asking politely if I can substitute a meat should not garner a blank stare, a smirk when I explain an allergy and a look of disbelief.

It's possible, and I kinda hope one day it happens to you so you learn some damn respect for your customers.

Extra brownie "f-you" points for staring at me for 10 seconds when I asked you to change your gloves, NICELY. Screw you, I'm never eating there again.
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