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tmobile hates me?

this is a copy of my post on a cell phone community, originally submitted there because i'd like tmobile employee opinions, however i i think it's also more than appropriate for BAD SERVICE.

i ordered flexaccount online june 29th. well, i tried to, but apparently the site was having some issues with my order so i called customer care from a friends phone to complete it. it took about 50 minutes, the agent was having a hard time getting the system to work, which is understandable. she was really friendly and patient and apologetic the whole time, which is appreciated because as a call center employee myself i know from experience how FRUSTRATING is to try and help a customer when the computer is not doing what it's supposed to!

so order finally got completed, we had some nice small talk, i authorize a debit of $123, the end. i thought. well on tuesday the 8th, my phones weren't here yet and i still unable to track the order, even though it's only supposed to take 48 hours for the tracking info to be posted. i called customer care again, and an agent told me the order hadn't even been shipped yet - she didn't know why, either. i said ok then, i'll just go to the corporate store to get my phones and pay the $20 each for them instead of waiting for the (free) internet ones. she advised me that she'd have to cancel the existing order and i'd have to start up a whole new order at the store. ok, no prob. i had enough to cover both the $123 charge (which hadn't even finished pending so technically hadn't been debited yet), and the new charge.

went to the cleveland store, a friendly sales rep helped me get setup, i spent another $167 and my husband and i walked out of the store 30 minutes later with brand new, already activated phones. yay!

yesterday, i logged into my online banking and saw that the original $123 charge was already gone. wow, that was fast, i thought it would take at least a few days for tmobile to credit that back. so, i used my debit card a few times - $57 for a doctors appointment, and then a few grocery stops. i could have used cash, but i had plenty on my card so i didn't bother.

today, i'm working, making my calls (lol) and i log into my online banking... i am overdrawn. wut. i call tmobile, and i'm told that
1) the agent that told me it was ok to go into the store should not have told me that because it isn't POSSIBLE to cancel an order. wut?!
2) the phones were shipped YESTERDAY. ok, i called tuesday... was told my order would be canceled and the charge canceled... so they ship them to me on WEDNESDAY? WUT.
3) it is impossible for tmobile to refund my money now since the phones are on the way aready. i have to receive the phones and ship them BACK, and WAIT for tmobile to receive them, THEN i'll get my $123 back.

this is not my mistake, i called and ASKED before i did this, and was misinformed, and my account is overdrawn because of it. and now i have to wait for my money? i asked (nicely) to be transferred to supervisor/escalations, and i was told the same thing.

i just want to clarify that i was calm, quiet and polite with both the agents i spoke to, and they both treated me very professionally, so that aspect of the customer service was great. i didn't lose my temper or act snotty, because i definitely understand that the people speaking to me were in no way specifically responsible for this. i'm not that kind of custiomer, even when i've been wronged in some way. i know the only person who did anything was the lady from tuesday who told me that she would cancel my original order.

but wow. this is not a very encouraging way to start service with a new company. is it REALLY "physically impossible" to refund my money immediately (tomorrow or even monday), BEFORE i send the phones back? or is it just against the rules, because they think i might try to keep them? if that's the reason, i don't get it, because i signed up for easypay and tmobile has my card number on file to debit every month... so really, even if i didn't send them back, they could (rightfully) debit my account again.

i'm a little upset. i understand mistakes happen, but they have $123 of my hard earned money! that's nuts! and when i say hard earned, i mean it - i get yelled at by banking customers EVERY_DAY. lol all day. which is why i made an extra effort to be nice to the people i was asking to help me... but seriously, i'm still not satisfied.

sigh. anyone else here have service with tmobile??
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