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Good Vibes dot com annoyance - NSFW

Placed an order with **NSFW** them on Monday evening, after hours. All but one item was listed as "Ships same business day", so I selected the option to "ship available items immediately, ship other items when available (may incur additional shipping costs)".

No brainer, right?

Except its now Thursday afternoon and according to my account - nothing has been shipped. So I call today and after a whole lot of "hmn, this doesn't look right" she manages to tell me that it likely hasn't shipped, despite my wishes, because its such a large order. WTF? Eight items (mostly books) is a large order that requires three days to gather together? I'm told to check back this afternoon to see if tracking information is posted because the system has told her that the invoice has been printed, which means the shipping department "most likely has it". Oy.

I've sent them an email requesting an upgrade in shipping at no cost to cover this delay. No word yet. Yes, yes, I'm whining about the lack of a vibrator. Hubby is deployed in the US military and the Hitachi died.

Update: After 4 hours with no communication, I called and asked to speak to a supervisor. I mentioned that I was hearing a lot of complaints about the lax shipping and that folks were holding off orders to see how they handled this. Expedited overnight shipping on their dime if the box hasn't left the store. Yeah, baby!
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