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Bizzaro World

A few nights a week I grab Burger King for my husband before  pick him up from work. I've gone to the same Burger King so often that they pretty much know who I am when I make the order at drive through, even the new staff has realized that I am fairly clock work about orders. Sometimes being to familiar is not a good thing.

Last night I pulled up to drive through and place my order, nothing seems out of the ordinary. I get to the window and the new cashier who has always been a bit of a spaz looks at me with this wide eyed/crazed look and the conversation goes like this.

DL=Drive through  Lady

DL: They are about to drive me nuts tonight!!!

Me: Rough night of customers?

DL: (says something I can't make out) I just know that if they try and call me in tomorrow because I'm off I am telling them Hell Fuck NO!! (DL now looking more spazzy and wide eyed)

Me: O.O....maybe they won't try and call you in..

At this time I'm just really hoping she tells me to drive down to the door to wait, but no such luck she comes back to the window and makes comments about how she is about ready to snap on her manager because "that stupid bitch let the cooks off to early and it's not my damned fault the food is going out slow, if the bitch had been smart she would have kept more people!" and again my reaction was pretty much wide eyed shock and really wishing my food would get there.

Drive through lady again comes back to the window and asks if I have kids, I tell her no just nieces and nephews and kinda waiting to hear the how her kids are driving her nuts cursing but she just walks off and holds up kids toys asking if I wanted them. I quickly shook my head no and nods ok back to me, putting my order together and bringing it to me. She then informs me that she through in an extra Whopper Jr with cheese for me, on her.  I tell her have a good night and drive off quickly.

I swear it was like bizzaro world of C_S, everything was opposite of what you read, I wasn't cursing towards or around the employees, I wasn't demanding free food but having to refuse it and I was the perfectly sane one while the worker was I think going mental.
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