Yessir (vonlisbon) wrote in bad_service,


It's not omgworstevar service so much as.. curiously inept. NB: I do not live in a small town and the pharmacy I go to is not a small pharmacy.

I wanted to switch one of my prescriptions onto auto-refill and take one of them off auto-refill. So I called up the pharmacy and asked how I would go about doing this.

Pharm Tech: Oh, we can just do it over the phone, no problem! What's your date of birth?
Me: 1/23/45.
Pharm Tech: And which prescriptions?
Me: I want to take Pill A off auto-refill and put Pill B onto auto-refill.
Pharm Tech: *long pause* Neither of these prescriptions are listed on your profile. Do you use more than one pharmacy?
Me: No, just this one. Neither of those are on there? Because I picked both of them up yesterday afternoon and they both have refills left.
Pharm Tech: *pause* Well, the only ones I see on here are Medication C, Medication D, and Medication E.
Me: ... I don't have a prescription for any of those.
And then it finally hits me
Me: Um, you never asked for my name or address or anything. Are you sure you have the right person?
Pharm Tech: Is this not Amanda Johnson?
Me: No. This is My Name.
Pharm Tech: Oh my gosh, are you serious? You two have the same birthday! How weird is that?! Okay hold on, let me pull your profile up.
and the rest continued without incident.

But seriously? Are you shitting me? This store probably has at least a thousand customers and they're pulling up entire profiles and discussing medical histories based on birthday alone?? Without even checking to make sure they have the right person? Not asking to verify a phone number, address, insurance carrier, nothin'. Wow. Color me surprised if this is the first time this sort of mix-up has happened.
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