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Scary Haircut.

So, I'm pretty laid back about my hair. It's thick, it's curly, relatively easy to style. I wanted a newer, shorter look, so I went to my local Supercuts. (First bad decision, I know.) The girl absolutely butchered my hair. It's uneven, it's way too short, and it looks awful. I didn't pay, but both she and the other girl on duty refused to give me corporates number. I went home and looked it up, and I've been talking to them.

They have been insanely helpful and nice, the entire time. What I'd love from you guys, is to let me know what you think I can ask for. They are offering a gift card to one of their nicer sister salons (Regis), but the amount is 'negotiable'. To make this relatively short, I'll just post pictures.

My hair before cut:

The example photo I brought to the salon:

Horrifying after shot, from the front:

Side view:

Second side view:


So, the gift card would cover a hair cut to even it out and some products, at the very least. But after doing a few searches online, apparently when a haircut is really bad, sometimes they will offer cuts/services for a few months until your hair is back to a decent state. I'm not looking for some insane amount, or anything silly like 'pain and suffering', but I do want to be fairly compensated. Advice?
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