creativexangst (creativexangst) wrote in bad_service,

Dont buy from Fabrics to Dye For

I'm into tyedying and such, and when I needed to stock up on some soda ash, I shopped around for the best place and came to Fabrics to Dye Not only did they have the soda ash at a great price, they had a lot of other things that I was interested in. However, I decided to be smart and only order the soda ash and see what happens from there.
So, I ordered on May 31st. On June 18th, I called them and explained that I had ordered this and not recieved it and wanted a refund. They were really sweet and the women was like "oh, we just moved our store, so we dont have that brand anymore! But i'll send you the Jocard (the brand i REALLY wanted) instead, and it'll only be $x.xx more!" And I was like Umm...and she was like "oh, you know, I just wont charge you extra since you already paid" And I was like, okay, I can handle that.
Its July 10th, and I still have recieved a DAMN thing. And now, they wont even answer their phones. Im so glad I save EVERYTHING, especially reciepts.
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