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Lazy much?

I buy a lot of diet soda. I hate hate hate it when a cashier says (always in a super snotty tone) "you know you don't have to put all of the 12 packs up here" because hello, I was a cashier and I know that if you are doing your job correctly, you are not supposed to use the quantity button when the products are different - ie you can do a quantity 2 for 2 12 packs of diet coke, but you shouldn't for a 12 pack of diet coke and a 12 pack of fresca. It doesn't work that way. So no, I'm not going to assume that you don't want to do your job correctly.

Well tonight took the cake. I went to the grocery store and got about 5 items - one of which was a 24 pack of bottled water. A little hefty but not really that bad. The cashier, while she was handing the person in front of me their change, sighed REALLY loudly and exaggerated and said "You didn't need to put that up here, you know." I was like ooooookay...So then the woman stares at the water and sighs again very dramatically and says "do you want to put that back in your cart? I can ring it up without it"

I was like wtf, but whatever, I didnt say anything and put it back in my cart. She then sloooowwwwly proceeded to flip through a book of bar codes until she found the right one.

Seriously? I realize it was late and she was probably tired but I fail to see how being rude and lazy is at all appropriate. Scanning items, even if they are a little heavy, is part of your JOB.
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