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Can my apartment be fixed, please?

ETA - talk about timing - the maintenance people finally came, I texted Brian, who told me he had just been sitting down with the person at navy housing.

So everything is taken care of, my apartment is mold-free, and I'm a happy camper.


This is an update / continuation to

First of all, thanks to everyone who replied last time. I do know I have to be more assertive =/.

if anyone ever decides to move to Virginia Beach, stay away from Chapel Lake apartments.

Ok, so where I left off in the last post, it had been a week since I had reported my problems. I decided to go back to the office, with the same three problems, plus two more.

1. The grout in the bathroom is almost gone
2. There is a crack in the ceiling from a previous leak
3. There is mold on the ceiling of my bathroom
4. Months ago maintenance came to replace a screen window - they took out the old one but never put a new one in
5. A month or 2 ago ago we were informed that a water heater above us had burst, and may cause water leakage into our apartment. Said water leakage was in the living room, and was as if someone had taken a gallon jug of water and dumped the whole thing on one spot. The carpet was soaked for a week, and I wanted maintenance to check under the carpet for mold. My fiance told maintenance, who said they would be around, and they never came. I never pressed the matter (my fault, the assertiveness thing again along with just forgetting) but since I needed to have the people come I wanted under my carpet checked.

The woman in the office checks the computer, and what do you know, my first work order never even made it in! She apologized, wrote down my information, and said they would get right on it.

Another week goes by. Nothing.

On the 4th, since the office was closed, I wrote an email to the office, directing it be shown to the property manager. I gave detailed descriptions of what had happened so far, and let him know that this was complete unacceptable.

Sunday, the 6th, I went over to the office to see if my last work order had even made it into the computer this time. The woman there said yes it was there, read off what was stated in it (everything was there), said that they had gotten my email and forwarded it to Jamie, the property manager, and someone would be in Monday morning to do the repairs.

Monday (yesterday) I get a call at 9:30 am from the office, comfirming that I would be getting service today, and to expect a call from one of the maintenance people. I thank her, and hear nothing else. We wait until about 4 pm, and then I go to the office and speak to both the women in the office and Jamie, who comes in partway through. I am assured by both parties that my problems will be taken care of first thing the next morning (today).

(I did, however, get the impression that Jamie was not paying complete attention to what I was saying.. I explained the situation with my carpet the same way I explained it here, starting with the whole situation of WHY my carpet was soaked. He told me at the end that it was probably wet from my A/C... um, no. I explained to him again that maintenance had told us that we might have a leak, and it would be from a busted water heater).

It's almost 2 pm. Still nothing, and I am getting really very sick of this. And I have the feeling that if I go to the office I will just be assured it will be taken care of... and then nothing.

So now it's time for the next step - my fiance is in the Navy, and the apartment complex is part of a program where they take our rent directly out of his paycheck. I was informed by someone that since we are part of this program, Navy Housing will get involved with any major problems we are having. So he's going to be heading over there after he gets out of work today to talk to them and see if they can help us get something done.

Gah. So that's all for now.
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