Rebecca (theniwokesoftly) wrote in bad_service,

I worked for Bath & Body Works for a little more than four years. I know their customer service policies, and oh hey, I know the district manager. I may write her about this, since she knows me and knows I used to do a good job in her stores.

Yesterday, my mom and I went to the Bath & Body at Ballston Common in Arlington, VA. I bought about seven items, one of them a lip gloss, but after I paid, my mom pulled out a coupon for a free lip product or hand sanitizer with any purchase. I didn't want to spend any more money, as I don't have a lot to spare, so I asked if I could return my purchase and buy it again, using the coupon to get the lip gloss for free, meaning I'd get $5.25 back (lip gloss + tax). The manager took the lip gloss out and did an even exchange, and took my coupon. So I didn't get any money back, she just exchanged the lip gloss for the lip gloss, all at the same price. So I asked for the coupon back, as I'd not gotten anything for free, and left.

Outside the store, my mom stopped and said "Don't you want to get it fixed?" I said no, I'd go to a different store, but she convinced me to go back. I did, and rather than doing an exchange, my mom saw something else she wanted, so she bought that and got me a second lip gloss, this one for free. As the manager was ringing up the woman in front of my mom, she told me she'd made a mistake, and she'd take care of it. I told her it was fine, I'd be ok with getting the second one for free. She started my mom's transaction and said we couldn't use the coupon, as it was a one-time coupon. I said that I understood that, but since it had been an even exchange, I had paid for the other lip gloss I'd gotten. So I was only getting one free item, as the coupon was for. She copped a huge attitude and we repeated the last few lines several times (me trying, and mostly succeeding, to stay calm and rational), before she yelled that it didn't matter, she was going to give it to me for free anyway because she didn't feel like arguing.

B&BW has a policy, or at least my old store did, of giving in when a customer gets difficult, to get them to leave and to get them to come back. If you buy something there, you'll notice that there is no return policy on the receipt- because of their "100% guarantee", they don't have one- they'll pretty much take back anything that's not so old it's been deleted from the system. Even though I got what I paid for and nothing more, I hate that this woman went away from that thinking that she was totally right and that I was committing fraud and abusing the policy. And I feel guilty even though I didn't do anything wrong- I didn't even get angry or raise my voice!

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