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BJ's Auto Center/Monroe Tire

Background: Saturday I hit something on the road and put a gash in my tire. My spare was also flat (and wouldn't hold air), and long story short I ended up in front of BJs Auto, where I had originally purchased the now-flat tire.  I knew I was not going to get my tire fixed that night - by this time it was probably less than 5 minutes to closing - but I could give them my key and set up something for the next morning. When I got in, the computers had already been shut down, but the man behind the counter took my key and phone number and told me to call in the morning. I told him where my paperwork was in the car from my previous tire purchase, as I was almost certain I'd purchased a road hazard warranty.

The next morning, after a couple calls back and forth, they told me the replacement was going to be about $90. I asked about the warranty, and after some confusion about my needing to come in to give him the paperwork (that was in my car!) we got it straightened out; apparently either the note the man the night before was supposed to write was misplaced or never written, but the man I'm talking to says he'll look at the paperwork in my car and get back to me.

They call back and say that I do have coverage, and there will only be a small charge to cover tax, disposal fee, and whatever - under $9, though he doesn't have the exact figure. I'm pleased, and tell him to go ahead with the tire, and does he have an estimate of how long it will take so I know when to get a ride in?

(Note: Bad Service start here.)

Turns out they won't fix the tire until I come in and pay them. I will owe less than $10, and they won't even put my car in line to be served until I show up and hand them the cash. They won't take a credit card number over the phone, and won't even let me go into the queue if I call when I'm leaving (I live 10-15 minutes away).

I arranged a ride and got down there to pay my fee - they now claim they also needed the information for the paperwork; this is the exact same information that was on the paperwork that they already had in their hands, and certainly nothing I couldn't have given over the phone. Once I hand over the money, they're glad to put my car in line - by this point it's around noon on Sunday, 3 hours after they opened, and the line is pretty long.

I ended up getting out of there some time after 2:00. The total fee? $2.42.

I am freaking LIVID. Next time I get tires, I'll take it anywhere else. I can't even write a letter to corporate yet, because I'm too mad to be coherent.
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