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Missy Sedai

More Amazon Stupidity (Long)

The other day, I posted about an enormous problem I'm having with Amazon. I've been trying to get it straightened out, to no avail. They're not reading and responding, they're just sending canned replies.

There's a book I want, and none of my local booksellers had it in stock yesterday. Amazon has it, but they've already sent TWO packages meant for me to some complete stranger in Minnesota. I checked my account settings, and there's my address, plain as day. So I wrote to make sure that my stuff would get to me if I ordered:


I find I'm out of reading material, but I'm a little bit nervous
about placing an order with Amazon, because I'm not entirely certain that
anything I order will get to me. You see, things that have been
meant for me recently have been shipped to Edina, Minnesota, 650 miles away.

Let me explain.

Around the first week of September, my friend Anne chose a couple
items from my Amazon wish list, hoping they'd reach me by my birthday.
They never arrived. Instead, I got a strange e-mail on September 7th from
a fella in Edina, MN, telling me that he had a package with my name,
but his address on it, and wondered if he should return it to Amazon or send
it on to me.

He says he sent it to me, but it hasn't arrived. Anne wrote to you
folks about the order (#elided), and you promised to send a
replacement to the proper address (the replacement order was

It never arrived. I received ANOTHER e-mail from the fella in MN,
telling me that he had received yet ANOTHER package from Amazon with my name,
but his address on it, but that he refused delivery on it. Yesterday,
Anne received a notice from you folks telling her that the replacement
package had been returned and that you were issuing her a refund.

After all of the hassle, I certainly hope you're doing exactly that.
With a big letter of apology, I hope?

In the meantime, this has left me a little gunshy. My local
bookseller does not have the book I want, and now there's a dilemma. I'm
actually AFRAID to order from you, because I don't think I'm going to get my
freaking books!

What, precisely, is causing orders meant for me to be shipped to
Edina, Minnesota, when I live in Toledo, Ohio?

If I place an order with you folks for the books I want, are they
going to come to me, or is Dave in Minnesota going to be e-mailing me for a
third time about a package with my name, but his address?

If you can absolutely assure me that I'll get my order, I'll place
it. Otherwise, I'm going to order from Powells, because this has been a
bit of a nightmare for me, my friend, and some total stranger in a whole
other state.

They responded with nothing helpful:

Thank you for writing to Amazon.com.

Please accept my sincere apology for the previous experience you
had with Amazon.com. Please confirm your shipping address before
placing your order.

...followed by the usual "Our numbers are...our customer service e-mail is...", and links asking if the response solved the problem.

Well, no, it didn't, so I wrote again.


I asked you to assure me that if I placed an order with Amazon, that
I would actually receive it.

Your response was that I should confirm my shipping address before

This is an unacceptable and inadequate response - my billing,
shipping and Wish List addresses are all the same - 271 W[elided],
Toledo, OH, 43612 - they've ALREADY been confirmed, yet my packages
are being sent to EDINA, MINNESOTA, to a person I don't even know.

There is a PROBLEM. The complete stranger who has been receiving my
packages has been trying to straighten it out. My friend, who sent
gifts to me, has been trying to straighten it out. Now I'm trying to
straighten it out.

WHY are my packages being sent to Edina, Minnesota? I don't live
anywhere NEAR Minnesota, and don't even know the person you've been
sending my books to. This is a problem on YOUR end, not mine. What
are you going to do to correct this?

I'll be ordering from Powell's until you can correct this problem and
assure me that orders I place with Amazon will be sent to me.

Did they respond? Sure they did. Did they answer even ONE question I had? Oh, hell no:

Greetings from Amazon.com.

To protect your privacy, we can only send account information to the
e-mail address on file for your account. We appreciate your patience
with our security measures.

Please note that you can verify and edit your Wish List information

Click the "Wish List" link at the top of our web site, then click
the "Edit info" or "Change" button below the information you would
like to change. After signing in with your e-mail address and
password, make your changes and click "Submit" or "Save changes."

Please note that any change to your name may take up to 5 business
days to become searchable online. Other changes will take effect


I just want my books to be delivered to me, instead of to some stranger 650 miles away. Is that so much to ask?


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