Shannon (classiestkid) wrote in bad_service,

stupid nurse.

ok, my fiance works for a water company and works really late hours.
He cut his finger really badly and had to go to the ER a few weeks ago.
First he gets there, and they only have 1 entrance open and he has to wander all over looking for how to get in with his hand all wrapped up in a towel.
He finally makes it to the ER, has to wait for 4 hours at like 3am.
When he finally gets to see a nurse, he tells her that he thinks he needs stitches, she says no and proceeds to examine his hand WITH NO GLOVES ON, now, there's blood gushing from his finger, literally.
So, she cleans the wound and applies a bandage and some gauze.
He has to wait for almost 2 hours before he gets to see a doctor, by this time the blood has soaked through the bandage AND the gauze, the doctor removes them and immediately says that he would need stitches. He wait for another hour before finally getting the stitches and being discharged.

I think the thing that bugs me the most is, I work in a hospital and cannot believe that the nurse didn't wear gloves throughout the entire procedure. You are supposed to use "universal precautions" and treat every patient like they have AIDS, it protects you and the patient. Who knows if she could have had something? You never know.

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