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U-Haul woes

My sister was moving last weekend, she was nice enough to give us a bunch of furniture that she no longer wants. We live about 2 hours away so we decide to rent a U-Haul truck at the location near her for a one-way to drop off in the city where we live. We had called the day before we wanted to do this, which while it was short notice, was apparently still enough time to reserve a truck because they took our reservation for the truck we wanted in the city where my sister lived. Fast forward to the morning of the move, U-Haul calls my brother and informs him that his truck is no longer available, they have one he can pick up in another city, which is a 40 minute drive away.

They are not apologetic at all and when my brother asks what the point of a reservation is if the truck is not available, the girl on the phone says "Well you're the one who decided to move on Saturday. So do you want the truck or not?" my brother asks to speak to a manager and has basically the same conversation with him. He told the manager he understood the situation but was upset about how it was handled, the manager's response? "Well sir, you DID decide to move on Saturday" WTF? That's totally irrelevant, my brother asks for the manager's name and he chuckles and gives it, when he asks for the name of the girl who he originally spoke with, the manager replies "You don't need that."

We ended up having to go get the U-Haul in the other city, since at that point it was the day of the move and there were no other options for another moving truck available. Apparently the reason the truck wasn't there was because another customer didn't return their truck on time. I understand that happens but whatever happened to customer service? Its not our fault someone didn't return their truck on time, we did what we were supposed to do and they didn't deliver, the least they could do is say "Sorry".
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