Dave (alphawox) wrote in bad_service,

Pizza shop bad service

I called in an order to the local pizza joint. I ordered a pizza bread with pepperoni and sausage (it's basically a sub with cheese, pizza sauce, and the toppings). The girl on the phone read back the order correctly, I said "okay, thanks" and proceeded to get in the car and go get dinner.

When I got there, I walked in and gave them my name, and the clerk said "oh, the pepperoni bread, right?". Uh-oh. I said "no, I ordered a pizza bread." (Pepperoni bread is pizza crust, cheese, and pepperoni cut into strips that can be dipped into pizza sauce).

The bad_service: the clerk said "oh, they must have misunderstood you... do you want this instead of what you ordered?" WTF! I want what I ordered, not what they choose to substitute in place of it. I told the person that the order taker read back the order correctly, and she then said "oh, she's new, she must have put it in the computer wrong," and had the "are you going to take my offer or not?" look on her face.

I said "no" again, and she said "I'll put a rush on this, we only have one person working back there now, we cut and now we're swamped." She checked with the cook and said it would be done in 3 minutes.

Fast forward 20 minutes.

I decided to stand up and look back in the window. The cook hands my order forward and says "this is for the person that didn't want the pepperoni bread" with the tone that once again said "they didn't want what I made them!".

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