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"I thought the signs had been taken down..."

Bad service at McDonald's? Perish the thought!

My boyfriend was hungry this afternoon and we didn't have much snacky food in the house. He had mentioned wanting to get one of the free Coke glasses that you get with the purchase of a large extra value meal at McDonald's, so off we went. We went through the drive-thru, pleased to see that the promotion was still going on as evidenced by the giant signs on each menu board, and placed our order. We went to the window and paid, then to the next window to wait for our food. The worker handed us our drinks and then our bag of food. I looked through it to make sure everything was there and didn't see the Coke glass, so I waited for the worker to give it to us. She stared at me for a minute, then said "...have a good day?". I asked about the Coke glass and she said "oh, that promotion is over." "...then why are there signs advertising it still plastered all over your building?" " oh, we're out of cups." "Is the promotion over or are you just out of cups?" "We're out of cups. Have a good day."

I'm a little peeved and drive around the building and pull into a parking spot, then walk in and wait in line. Luckily, the manager is the one who's running the register. I explain the situation and she says "oh...I thought the signs had been taken down" and stares at me. I give her what probably wasn't a very nice wtf?areyouserious?areyouvisuallyimpaired? look, and deliberately glance at the signs on all three registers, the three large signs on the menu boards, the 2' tall display on the counter, the 3' tall window clings and the giant boards on the lawn and attached to light posts, all advertising the "free Coke glass with purchase of a large extra value meal!" promotion and say "Ah, no. They're still up. You might want to make sure that they get taken down this time so not to cause any confusion with other customers. It's rather frustrating." She stared at me for a second and said "oh...I thought they had all been taken down" and turns away. Never once apologized.

I'm pretty pissed off at this point. Would it have been so hard to a) take the signs down, b) tape "out of glasses, sorry" over some of the signs, c) TELL US when we place our order or when we pay, or d) just apologize? If we had known that they didn't have the glasses anymore, we would not have ordered an extra value meal at all, let alone a large one. When I got home, I called McDonald's customer service and explained what happened, and also sent an email through their site. The girl at their customer service number actually did apologize to me, and said that I should be expecting a call from that location's owner within the next few days.

Not getting the glass certainly isn't the end of the world, but the way it was handled was very bad service. We'll see what the owner says, if he calls.
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