Lianajay.<3 (justthatclassy) wrote in bad_service,

I'm not a theif.

This was a few months ago (back when I was enough of an idiot to think that big pink Paris Hilton sunglasses looked good on me), but the guy I was with at the time just reminded me of it.

Okay, so, in this mall we were in, there's a small jewelry shop. My friend and I go in to have a look around, and I take my (rather large) backpack off and put it next to the stand so I won't knock anything over. Then I see one of those locket necklaces, try and fail to open it, and my friend picks it up and opens it, blahblah, I look at it a bit then I kneel down behind the stand to put it back. I'm looking at the other necklaces next to it, when the lady at the desk comes storming up to me.

Grouchy Lady: You can leave.
Me: Excuse me? *stands up* (said in a surprised tone, not a condescending 'excuse me' tone)
Grouchy Lady: You can leave. And I want my heart necklace back.
Me: Oh, I'm sorry, I did put it back, see, there's still five on the she-
Grouchy Lady: Don't lie to me. :|
Me: ..): You can check my bag and my pockets if you'd like?
Friend: And mine!
Grouchy Lady: That won't be necessary. I get the feeling you're wearing those sunglasses so the camera won't capture your face.
Me: *takes off practically transparent sunglasses*
Grouchy Lady: Do not get smart with me. >:|
Me: ...):
Grouchy Lady: Now leave.

tl;dr: Lady accuses us of stealing when she could see my bag in plain view, then kicks us out even when we offer to prove to her that we haven't taken anything. I wish I was making this up.

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