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Staring is not good manners.

I'm sure I have more, but these two happened in the last five hours.

Exhibit A:
Staring In Disgust.
-Yes. The person you're ringing up is a guy. Yes. That is his boyfriend. Why, yes, they do have matching rainbow heart pins (and that's cute, I might add). Lol, yes, they're buying lube. Put on your big-girl panties and deal with it instead of waiting until they were maybe sort of out of earshot and going "ughh, that was TMI". You work in a Priceline-esque shop that has basically all of your chemist/sanitary/makeup/that sorta crap needs. You have to expect it. And when the next customer comes up with her (presumably) husband with a bunch of straight-sex-related items, you didn't say anything about it. Funny, that.


Exhibit B: Just.. staring!
I don't know why you're staring at me while my friend is ordering her coffee. Just.. stop it! D: I don't like it. Okay. You took the hint when I looked back at you with a :| face. Thankyou. ..Wait....No, moving from staring at my face to staring at my chest is not an improvement. Why me and not my friend? I'm an A-cup. Nothing terribly impressive. Tell your eyes to GTFO.

People need shock collars that hit them when they look at something for more than ten seconds. Seriously.
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