Threeparts Gadding (threeparts) wrote in bad_service,
Threeparts Gadding

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Minor irritation

Dear Mr Taxi Driver,

Pulling into and driving up my driveway really slowly so you can get those extra 40 cents on the metre? That's really obvious, especially when your hand hovers over the 'pause' button for several moments. Don't do that. I'm not going to get annoyed at you because I have to catch cabs from the shops home around four times a week and I have had you before and will probably have you again, but really, it's just bad manners. I would've tipped you1 if you hadn't been a dick about it. Please try harder next time.

Thanks in advance,


1Obligatory note for Americans: I am not American and this did not take place in the USA. Tipping is not expected here - gratuity is paid only by the grateful.
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