ashes to ashes, we all fall down. (ayiko) wrote in bad_service,
ashes to ashes, we all fall down.

Fanfire :P

Long time lurker, first time poster.
So not a huge suck, but still kind of aggrivated me.

I ordered a tshirt and hoodie from about two weeks ago figuring it was plenty of time to get it before I go on vacation. I got the confirmation email, no problem, with information about how to track my order.
I went to track it awhile afterwards and the order said it shipped on the 27th, and gave me a link for DHL. I clicked on the link that said it had the tracking number, but suprise, the only number fanfire gave was "DHL". Yeah awesome.
No big deal though, I figured I would wait a day or two and maybe it would be updated. Nope. So I called fanfire today, and asked if there was any information. (Sidenote: I am a bit paranoid with delivery services...I had two huge boxes misdelivered by FedEx Ground...we live on a long driveway, we're the last house on it, and they assumed we were the first, even though there are 4 mailboxes, and the people at that house never got it. So now I always try to supertrack packages!) I was told by the fanfire customer service that there was no tracking number because it was actually coming by mail (why then does it say DHL?), and also that the hoodie was on backorder. I asked if I was supposed to be notified about the backorder, and the operator said "Yeah, we emailed you on the 30th". I replied that I never received an email, and her response was "Well check your junk mail because we mailed it. Any other questions?" in a bit of a rude tone. I said no and hung up.
A few hours later, I called again and got another operator. I asked again why, if it was backordered, did it not say anything anywhere on the website when you go to order it (I checked again today just to make sure I didn't miss something), and I still hadn't received an email. Her answer was "We sent the email, I don't know what to tell you." and that she had no idea anything about the backorder.
Now when I worked in customer service, I would always at least TRY to find out some answers for a customer. I wouldn't just dismiss their concern.

So yeah, like I said, not a huge suck, but it's just disappointing the fail on the company's part. I emailed them, but don't expect a response. I would have loved to get the hoodie for my vacation, and now I have no idea when or if I will even receive it.

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