The Forgotten Colloquialist (papermuse) wrote in bad_service,
The Forgotten Colloquialist

One of THOSE Days

Two things at two different places that happened to me today. Yay me! 

I went in to get my car inspected today (Va state inspection) at the Ford dealership here in my small town. We get there and I pull up and go in and ask about getting it done and they said it would be just a minute and to go wait behind the woman who was already there. So we pull over, sit there for about 15 minutes as the guy is doing the girl in front of me's car and THEN the bastard comes over and says he's not doing anymore inspections before lunch. Its 10 till noon. WTF??? He couldnt have told me that before I sat there for 15 minutes with a 3 year old in the backseat? I asked him where else I could go and he says "Nowhere that will do it at lunch." and walkes away. F*ING ASS HOLE. I was so angry and I couldnt say SHIT because my three year old was there and that is NOT the example I want to set for her. But f*k me I wanted to get out and kick his f*king ass. 

So then, after that we hit the movie store. I left my discount card there with 20 dollars on it not the last time I went there, but the time before. They called to tell me I left it and could pick it up the next time I came in. The next time I came in, she couldnt find it so I told her not to worry I would get it the next time I came in. Well, I come in today, get some movies and then go up to the counter. First, the woman was on the phone talking about church with someone. And she just continues her conversation as I stand there and she ignores me. She finally gets off the phone and then tells me she is going to take care of these other two women there for tanning first. Ok.... She finally gets to me and I tell her again about the card. She cant find it, so I ask her what we should do then, because I dont want to be out twenty bucks. Well she scoffs and says that it sucks but thats just the way it is, I lost it not them. ThenI told her I had been called by the manager and informed I could pick it up and that I believe she is mistaken. So she gets on the phone with the manager who agrees with me and then she proceeds to spend 10 minutes on the phone with her and looking for this card while bitching about me. O_o. OMFG. Are you serious? So finally she gets off the phone and says she cant find it so she'll credit my account. She looks behind me to the woman who has also been waiting through all of this and says "I'm soooooo sorry you've had to wait through all of this." Like it was my fault! 

So TL;DR: Car Inspection guy lets me sit there and wait 15 minutes before telling me he isnt doing any more inspections before lunch and then gives me attitude. Lady at the movie store gives me attitude and talks smack about me like I am not even there. The boiling point, I reached it.
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