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So I went into the Post Office a couple days ago. I had four money orders I had to get (two regular, two international money orders), two letters I needed postage to Canada for, and a booklet of regular, 37 cent stamps.

I go up to the desk, and I see that I'm being assisted by the disabilities postmaster who is deaf and has slightly slurred speech; no big deal because I've had him help me before and I know how to work with deaf people because my grandma is about 85% deaf. The post master can also read lips like my grandma. I even had everything I needed written out so I could just hand him my list.No problem right? Wrong.
I don't know if this was just his bad day or what. I said hello, handed him my list and he glanced over it and then set it down and started pulling out the money orders - four of them, all regular ones. I got his attention and I said, "I need two regular money orders for these amounts *pointed to the paper with the $ totals* and two international money orders for these amounts *pointed to paper were it said "Internation Money Orders" and the totals*, not four regular money orders."
He looked kind of confused and said, "Yes, four money orders" and held the four up.
I shook my head and said, "Yes, four money orders, but two regular and two international."
He looked frustrated and set the money orders down on the counter and said, "Choose amount you need."
So I pull two and then said, "Now I need two INTERNATIONAL money orders. Those are the pink colored ones."
"Pink?" He says.
"Yes, pink," I said.
So he opens up the drawer and RIGHT next to the green ones are the pink ones that say "International" on them.
So he gets them out and sets them on the desk, and asks me what else I need.
"Postage on these two letter to Canada" I say, handing him the letters.
"Which country?" he asks.
"Canada," I say.
'Where?" He asks.
I point to "Canada" on the letters. "To Canada."
"I can't hear, where to?" He says.
I point to "Canada" on the letters again. "To Canada."
"Write it," he says, handing me a pen.
I hold up the letters and point again. "To CANADA."
"To Canada then?" he asks.
"Yes." I say.
"Anything else?" he asks.
"A booklet of twenty stamps."
"How many stamps?" He asks.
"A booklet of twenty." I say.
"How many stamps?" He asks.
"A booklet of twenty." I say.
"Yes, twenty."
He gives me the booklet of stamps, puts the postage on my two letters, and the starts running the money orders through. He finishes the first one, hands to to me, and says, "Fill out"
So I start to fill it out and he looks annoyed and pushes the booklet of stamps at me and points to my stack of envelopes I need to put them on.
"Put your postage on letters - saves time." He said.
So I go to put the postage on the letter - and he stops running the money order through, grabs the booklet of stamps out of my hand and says, "NO! Pay first!"
Which is it I'm suposed to do, fill out the money order, put on my stamps, or pay him?
So he rings everything up.
"110.00" he says. So I open up my wallet to get my money out.
"NO CHECKS!" he says, way louder than needed, "Only CASH."
I nod and say, "Yes, I am paying in cash."
So I count out the money. He counts it again.
"Lot of money, for young girl." he says.
I'm 22, and I don't like like a young girl... and what the hell does it matter?
Then I start filling out the money order.
"No, put postage first," he says.
"You said fill out money orders first" I say back, getting really annoyed by now.
He kind of pauses, thinks for a minute and then looks at me and says, "Can't understand you... what?"
You said fill out money orders first."
He shakes his head. "Never said that, you heard wrong." He points to the letters. "Stamps first, your holding up the line."
Once he finished the money orders I went to move away to one of the empty desks where I could finish filling everything out and then finish putting my stamps on and he threw a hissy fit.
"No - move here. Give letters when done."
He pushes over a box so I'm cramped in the corner next to his desk trying to keep my stuff in my 12 inch by 12 inch space while he starts helping other people. Five minutes later I finally finished but highly annoyed.

Granted, I've never had that many money orders I needed to get at once of two different kinds, but it isn't as if he's new at the post office and shouldn't know this stuff - he's been there the three years I've been using the post office.

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