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A Double Suck - Musician's Friend and Amazon

Back in March I decided to order for my boyfriend a pair of isolation, metronome headphones. He's a drummer and its something he really wanted so I figured it'd be the perfect one year gift. So, I go about searching online and find that Musician's Friend is selling a pair through Amazon which is perfect since I had a $25 gift certificate to the latter. I wasn't intending to be cheap by any means but they're $100+ headphones and I had bought him another gift already so I figured buying it this way would be the most economic.

Bad idea.

The projected very last delivery date of March 18th comes and goes. I let two days go by since I figure there may be a hold up. The item still doesn't arrive so i contact Amazon, who directs me to Musician's Friend since the item is actually through them.

So, I call Musician's Friend and am told the item is on back order. I'm a little ticked off since no one, not Amazon or Musician's Friend, told me that the item wasn't in stock. If I had known they didn't have it when I went to place my order I probably would of bought it elsewhere. Instead, I was lead to believe it was not only in stock but in the mail. But I suck it up and ask when I can expect it. I'm told it will be in next week and they'll ship it right out.

The date in question comes and goes and I wait....to no avail. So I call again and find out that it is still back ordered. I explain my situation and how frustrating it is that it's now been well over two weeks and I still have no idea when I'm getting my item. The guy on the other end apologies and gives me $15 in store credit and yet another projected arrival date.

So I wait. And my one year goes by since now it's been almost a month since I ordered this item. And then the third projected date goes by and still no item.

Right before I decide to call Musician's Friend again to find out what is going on I decide to place another order with Amazon, this time for a grill sold directly through them. I go to pay for the item and I find my $25 gift certificate has been refunded. I'm naturally confused and I go to check my previous orders to try and figure out what's going on and find -- nothing.

My order for the metronomes is mysteriously gone. My blood pressure spiking a bit, I call up Musician's Friend and go through the whole spiel before throwing in this new detail.

They explain that while the item just came in Amazon canceled my order since it took too long to fulfill. I then try to explain that I would of had no clue my order was canceled unless I went to buy something else since neither company told me.

The guy apologies and tries to help and basically it comes down to being told that I can re-order through them directly. They're not selling this item through Amazon anymore so I can't use my gift certificate and even with the store credit I'm still paying more. But, he'll give me free two day shipping and I'm so just wanting to get this item and wipe my hands clean of the whole thing I bite.

So, for $10 more and well over a month later I get these damn headphones. And, no, I didn't even get the two day shipping....the "computer" apparently reverted it back to ground shipping.

This was definitely the worst service experience I've had to deal with to date. Musician's Friend was definitely the main source of my headache but I think Amazon should communicate more with it's store fronts. I absolutely adore Amazon (and at least i used my $25 on my grill, which came in 2 days!) but if someone is selling through them they should check up on them more and keep the customer more informed. If they decided to cancel my order they should of at least e-mailed me instead of leaving me to discover it quite by accident

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