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Either Bad Service or I'm just getting old...

The other night I had to stop on my way home from work and grab a few things from the supermarket. I go about and do my business, then find the checkout with the shortest line to line up in. 

There's one man ahead of me and the cashier is about halfway through his order. I put my things on the conveyer belt and paitently wait my turn. I'd been there for mabye 30 seconds when the cashier infront of the one I was at turned around (while she was serving customers of her own) and said to my cashier (seemingly out of nowhere)

"If you call me a bitch one more time, I'm going to get my boyfriend onto you!". I was a little taken aback but said nothing, thinking my cashier would ignore her. Not so. He looks at her, opens his mouth and say's

"You'reabitchyou'reabitchyou'reabitchyou'reabitchyou'reabitch"- not taking a breath between the "you're a bitch"'es. The customer in front of me and I exchange WTF looks.

"Right- My boyfriend is going to kick your ass for that" Girl says while still serving her own customers.

"Oh like I'm scared of your boyfriend!" He says- turning to the customer ahead of me and telling him "I haven't had a fight since I left highschool- this should be good!" (because it's soooo manly and mature of you to get into a fistfight *eyeroll*). Customer infront of me sort of laughs and gives a noncommital answer. I am more than slightly dumbfounded that the conversation is taking place in the first place. The girl turns around again and informs my cashier that her boyfriend is going to "fuck him up". By now, my cashier has finished with the customer in front of me and is starting on my order and another employee (who is probably in her early forties) of the grocery store has lined up behind me. The girl immediately turns to her and tells her that "he keeps calling me a bitch" (she's still serving her own customers btw). He then turns around and explains how girl cashier is going to get her boyfriend to "fuck him up". This employee gives me a raised eyebrow look and the following conversation goes on between her and my cashier:

OE (Older Employee): "You guys shouldn't be using that kind of language at work, especially infront of customers"
GC (Guy Cashier): "What? It's not that bad!"
OE: "Yes it is, you can't use swear words at work, people find them offensive"
GC: "Who would?"
Me: "I do. I certainly don't expect to come into a grocery store and hear employees swearing at each other!"
GC gives me stunned look "But you're young!"
Me: "So because I look young, I should just accept that kind of language from a person who's supposed to be serving me? I'm sorry but I don't think so! I used to be a cashier and if I used that language infront of a customer, I'd be fired on the spot!"
CG looks back at OE incredulously "I can't believe she finds that offensive" 
Me: "Excuse me? angry that he's now talking about me like I'm not there
OE: "I'm sorry love, I won't be surprised if you go and complain about this" (she's talking to me now while GC gives me fishmouth).

I end up going to the service desk and tell the manager about the little exchange- she is horrified and apologises to me- offers me coupons for the store which I don't accept- I didn't complain to gain something out of it- I just wanted the Serivce Desk Manager to know how her staff are talking to each other infront of customers.

Is that bad service or am I just getting old? :P I didn't like that they were talking to each other while service people but then to throw in the language. I'm not opposed to swearing (I do so sometimes myself) but to do it in front of customers is not really acceptable.

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