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I'll be leaving some information out, since I don't know where this is headed legally.

My sister went away for a 5-day vacation last weekend. She went with a friend and her friend's daughter. While they were in this other state, they visited a theme park which had a roller coaster. One of those that zips you around like you're flying, on your stomach.

They went to get on the coaster and my sister was having trouble working the catch on her harness. The ride attendants came over to buckle it for her, shoving it further down another six inches or so. From what I've been told (through another family member at the time) she was in excruciating pain, and told the attendants she couldn't breathe. The attendant said "hold your breath for 3 minutes" and started the ride, despite her objections that she wanted to get off.

When they got off the ride my sister's friend took her to the medical station inside the park. They told her it seemed like she might have a cracked rib, handed her three free passes to the park, and sent her on her way. She called our mother, who told her she should go to the emergency room. There they did an x-ray and she did indeed have a fractured rib.

This is a pretty big theme park, owned by a damn big company. I don't know why they would open themselves up to trouble by hiring such asshats, but here we are.

Edit: She's not going to pursue a lawsuit, so it doesn't really matter now. From what she told me it sounds like the attendant was fired already.
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