The Ninja (the_ninja_style) wrote in bad_service,
The Ninja

Oh, that's brilliant

So you all might remember my toilet fun.

The maintenance guy came back out again today because I called the landlord about it, again. My nanny calls me around 12 to tell me the guy left, and now it's louder than ever! He left a work order though, it says he lowered the water level to fix the problem.

I get home, and now I can hear the running water from every room of my apartment, even with the bathroom door shut. I call the landlord and she tells me, "Oh we're just going to leave it until you move."
I am moving mid Sept so I don't have that much longer to wait. The thing is, SHE doesn't know I'm moving yet. I have lived in this complex for 3 years, what makes her so sure I wasn't going to be here for another three?

Whatever though, their water bill. I always wanted a fountain....
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