Maven (mavenofmusic) wrote in bad_service,

This isn't that big of a deal, but it was kind of funny.

This morning took the bus home from college.

So I get on, no problems and wait while a few other passengers to board. There's this one guy who seemed like he might have a slight mental problem (my brother is a special needs student so I can recognize different disabilities/behavioural probs when I see them) and he didn't answer the old hag (read: bus driver) when she asked him if he was sure he was taking the right route (she asked everyone who boarded-- I don't know why). So he sat down and we left.

Bus 26 makes a short pullover at the local mall to pick up/drop off people. The bus driver pulls in and the man with the mental disability pulled the cord to request a stop. The driver had to stop anyway as a little old lady needed to board. Just as he's getting off the Old Hag shouts loudly "NEXT TIME TAKE THE 27!!! DO YOU HEAR ME??!!eleventyone!!" So the man just mumbles okay and gets off.

I couldn't believe how rude the woman was, the bus ALWAYS stops at the mall at the beginning of the route specifically for passengers to get on and off. Why the hell would he take a different bus if this one went where he wanted? The other passengers and I all had these incredulous looks on our faces after she shouted at the guy.

But that's not all, she's driving like a maniac and there are 2 frail old ladies on the bus at this point, and she's speeding and cutting people off as she goes. And apparently stop signs do not apply to her, either. One of the old ladies pulls the stop cord well in advance of her stop, but the damn driver zooms right past it.

At that time both me and the lady pipe up to get the driver to stop.

Lady: Stop requested please! *trying to stand up on the speedy bus*
Me: Yeah, she needs to get off!
Old Hag: hrumph. Well, I didn't hear you! *screeches to a stop in the middle of the street*
Lady: It was loud...
OH: No it wasn't. I didn't hear it.
Me: Well I certainly heard it!

*old lady gets off, Little Old Lady beside me looks at me*
Me: She's crazy!
LOL: *nods* I'm going to press the button next time... *makes crazy swirling motion with finger at the side of her head*
Me: Good idea!

Needless to say, I think I'm going to report the driver. Not only was she needlessly rude, she also drove recklessly, didn't stop for the nice old lady and lied that she couldn't hear the bell (BS--it's LOUD!)

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