Misty (krazydiva) wrote in bad_service,

I have got to stop shopping at Krogers

So last night I go to my neighborhood Krogers to do grocery shopping for the week. I finish up and go to check out. There are two registers with lights on, but both of those are 15 items or less, and there is one register with no light on and an employee was finishing up with another customer.

I ask her if she's open, since her light is off and she says no. At this point, this leaves me with two options, and both of them are 15 items or less.

The cashier at the one I choose is leaning against the back of her register drinking a coke. I walk up, and she looks at me, points to the sign and says "Maam, this is 15 items or less", and turns away from me.

I say to her, "O.K., where do you suggest I go, all the other registers are closed" and she looks at all the other registers with their lights off and actually says to me, "I don't know, but this is an express line".

I kind of stand there for a moment completely dumbfounded at the exchange I just had. Luckily, the girl who was leaving for the day on the other register sees whats going on and goes ahead and tells me to come over and she checks me out and sends me on my way.

I got the lazy girl's name, and called the manager this morning. He said he would talk to her about customer service.

Oh, and I forgot to say above, there was no other customer besides me at the front of the store at the time!
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