nope (reenie72) wrote in bad_service,

Last week six friends and I went to a bulk food store to get some junk food to sneak into a movie. It's not a very big store. I got a box of mints and my friend M got a bag of pretzels, and we went and paid for them right away. We let the cashier throw out the receipts. We hung out in the store waiting for everyone else for like five minutes, then decided to go wait in the car. It was absolutely pouring rain, so we put our candy in our pockets and made a run for it. We were halfway to the car when a worker called us back to the store. We tried to go back in but she blocked the doorway and wouldn't let us through. She said to M, "So did you decide not to buy those pretzels you were carrying around?" We explained, and since we didn't have receipts she called the cashier over to verify ... but the cashier was busy, and this took like a minute. And the entire time, she made us stand out in the heavy rain. Now as offended as I was I can see why she might think we were shoplifting ... but that is no excuse to make us stand in the rain for like two minutes! We were completely soaked for the movie.

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