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Oh Greyhound ... I shoulda known that things couldn't go well...

Posted from my girlfriends journal as she's not in the community. It's from her pov, but I was with her when it happened.

We had return tickets for a 6:05pm bus out of Cleveland stopping in Columbus around 9 and Cincy around 11. Since convention was over @ 3 (at least the things we wanted to see/do) we got our cab to the Greyhound station and just decided to wait there (maybe eat at the station). Greyhound tickets tell you to be there and hour ahead anyway.

So we get there and go through the bag check, no probs. Then the ticket lady tells us gate 1 so we went to gate one and put our bags down. Well as we were heading to the cafeteria/stop-n-go sort of thing (Gabi needed Dramamine and food) we noticed that gate 8 had a sign listing Columbus and Cincinnati as the destinations that bus was heading to. I suggested to Gabi that we double check with the ticket lady that we were in the right place. The lady assured her that gate 1 was the correct gate.

Then around 6 a bus pulled in to Cleveland and they told the Columbus/Cincy people to move over to gate 2 which we did and since she and i had been there for 2 hours we got waved to the front of the line for gate 2. the man who had been first in line then started a commotion and was very immature about the situation. He yelled at me and basically told me I was in his way and I had to move. The man repeatedly touched me and tried to move me. I'm a stocky girl so I held my ground, until he physically put one hand on my shoulder and the other on my ribs and pushed me out of the way... HARD. It hurt me (I had abdominal surgery at the beginning of the month and I'm still a little tender).

Also I was in an abusive relationship for two years and I hate men... it doesn't matter who the man is... touching me. I don't even like my own father touching me like that, even in discipline and no one has the right to physically attack another person. He was a black man around my dad's age maybe slightly younger and easily double my size. He had NO right to touch me like that. Security saw this... nothing was done about it.

The driver of the bus we were in line for even had the nerve to yell at me and scream in my face about starting trouble and basically accused ME of being the trouble maker. Did *I* touch anyone? no. Did I get attacked? yes. How am I at fault??? So at the point of tears I am told to move to a third line because the driver claims that we're in the wrong place anyway. Guess where we get told to go? GATE 8!!!

So now we are at the end of a decent length line (Greyhound tells you to be there early so that you guarantee yourself a seat) so we had to worry about even having a space. Thank god we got on the bus (that left at 7pm not 6 like our tickets...))

I am now in the process of calling Greyhound customer service and complaining about the massive lack in organization at the Cleveland terminal and the fact that the disorganization caused me to be hurt. That is ridiculous and I will not stand for it.


That's the end of her post, and the part I'm adding in. After we were told to go to Gate 8, I waited until the line at the ticket counter was not extensively long [mostly because I was worried that I'd go stand in line, only to find out that the bus we were then in line for would start to board.] And I went over there to ... ask them to make sure that they were sending people to the right gate. The ticket ladies, who were both walking off [leaving NO ONE at the ticket counter] rather rudely, told me that they DO send people to the right gates.

They had the attitude of "You're so stupid, why are you talking to me?" when I was talking to them. I explained the situation to them, getting sent to gate 1, then 2, then the scuffle that happened there, and then how we got sent to gate 8. To which they looked at me with a slightly annoyed look and went "Well I don't know what they told you, but gate 1 is the one you're supposed to be at. You'll have to call and talk to Lakefront because their drivers don't know what they're talking about" and walked off.

We did make a bit of a friend while there [we were talking about a bag I got, plus the Pride thing he had gone to before, and how we missed our Pride festival and such due to the convention we had gone to.]. He had seen what happened, and gave us his information if we needed to call on him for a witness.

I don't want to say that I'm pretty sure that the driver only said that he wasn't going to our stops because he didn't want to deal with us. But I wouldn't be surprised.

We're in the process of calling and complaining about the fact that security did nothing, and that the driver snapped at us, despite us doing exactly what we were supposed to do. We know that nothing can be done about the passenger, as he's long gone, but I still think that security could have done better.

They don't know it, but of the girlfriend and I, one of us was signed up to do a mystery traveler thing [I won't say which one] ... hopefully, that will help them pay attention to what exactly their drivers/security were doing.

The driver we ended up with though, was a absolute doll. Extremely nice and not too chatty, but she gave off the persona that she wouldn't bite your head off if you went up to ask her a question.

Long story short, girlfriend got roughly shoved out of the way, security didn't do anything and a driver snapped at us for doing what security told us to do.
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