Dave (alphawox) wrote in bad_service,

You will have rolls and you will like them!

This isn't a big bad service.

Went to Bob Evans for dinner. Ordered my food, and we'll go script from here.

Me: Me!
W: Waitress needing an ear cleaning

Me: Grilled chicken with carrots and dry mashed potatoes please.
W: Rolls with that?
Me: No, biscuits
W: Rolls...

(proceeds to get order from my mom who I took out to dinner)

W: I'll bring your rolls out in a moment.

(proceeds to bring out basket of rolls)

I don't have anything against their rolls. I just didn't want them tonight.

She got both orders right. I guess I just wish wait staff would completely listen. I did tip the normal amount, didn't cut anything for it. It's just a pet peeve of mine.
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