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I rented a town house 2 blocks from the ocean... my upstairs ceiling leaked a little when in rained and even worse when we'd have a hurricane. i told the landlord, he shrugged it off.. but atleast i told him. He owned a series of townhouses in the area, and ended up selling them to century 21 (they wanted to renovate then sell them for massive amts of money).

The day he signed the town houses over to century 21, the whole ceiling came down, (thankfully i had no roommate so my upstairs was used for storage. The upstairs is a bedroom, large closet, and a full bath). I called him, and that day he got rid of the big parts of the ceiling (still leaving a huge mess on my rug, which i tried to vacuum and it BROKE my vacuum cleaner).. He just tore down the rest of the ceiling and spray painted the sheet rock behind it white.

After a few months, mold started to grow everywhere. I have a serious allergy to mold. The town house next door (different landlord)was reported to have BLACK mold and the woman living in it got serious health problems from it, sued the landlord for doing nothing about it and won a ton of money.
I ended up getting horrible migrains that would last days, and developed an itching issue. I itched everywhere on my body 24/7, most nights i couldn't sleep because of it. It was so bad my body was covered in dig marks from me scratching so bad. The only thing that seemed to help was a warm bath.. so the bath tub is where i slept every night. Id wake up every so often to add more hot water.

Finally i got sick of century 21 of not doing anything.. so i ended up going to the doctors a lot for tests and such. i spent $800 of my own money on the doctors. the doctor had some mercy on me so she gave me a bit of slack on the bills since i had no insurance. She gave me "samples" of a body cream to help sooth the itching, and told me to take over the counter allergy pills since they're cheaper until the issue is resolved.

After another 7 months of giving them chances and trying to do something, i finally decided that my health was more important than trying to fight with them. I didn't want to leave my beautiful town house, but i had no choice. They let me out of my lease without any penalty (oh gee so lovely of them).

I had cleaned my apartment wonderfully, steam vacuumed the carpets (they were only a year old when i moved in and i steam vacuumed every 2 weeks since i have like OCD cleaning issues), and made sure everything was perfect. 2 1/2 weeks after moving, my security deposit check was ready. When i got home and opened it, i was stunned. I got $120 back of $550.
They took out a lot for them doing the rugs too (even though there were 2 small stains on the rug from the previous tenant which i had gotten a lot of it out by myself), and cat poo on the back deck that they had to scrub off because it rained and got stuck to the deck.
I had a 16yr old cat, but she's an indoor cat... the neighborhood has a stray cat issue.. there is seriously about 20 stray cats (that dumb neighbors feed) and they poo on everyones porches and decks, 2 1/2 weeks of no one living there to clean it up,of course cats are going to poo there and its going to stick to the wood when it rains.
They took money off for fixing drawers in the kitchen that were broke before i moved in, so i didn't use them, and repainting the upstairs ceiling that the previous landlord messed up! They knew of all this, and still blamed me for it.

How dare they deduct all this crap when i could of sued them for not doing anything about the mold which was obviously effecting my health in a horrible way. I think about it now, and i should have sued them, but its been 3 yrs. But how freaking money hungry is century 21 for all this crap?

When they took over being the landlord, i gave them a list of things wrong with the place before i moved in, and they knew about the ceiling, yet they made me pay for it.

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