Polgan (spamwarrior) wrote in bad_service,

Opinion time:

There's an Indian place in a town south of me that I go to every few weeks for their lunch buffet. I went a few days ago with my boyfriend, we ate, and got out check - total of 19.06. We paid, left a 3$ cash tip - slightly over 15%, even for a buffet.

I paid with my card, and when they handed me the customer copy of the receipt, I put it in my purse. When we got home, I pulled it out to balance my bank account, and noticed something typed on the bottom - "f you dont tip tip will be added". Hm.

That irritated me a bit, because while I do habitually tip, I'm not ok with the idea that they get to determine the amount I leave. But, I watch my bank account and see this morning that sure enough, they charged me for a tip - 19.06, plus 3.81, which I conclude is a standard 20% add on.

I'm ticked, not only because I left a cash tip at the table, but because they added on their own. No where posted did it say anything about an auto-grat or anything of that sort until AFTER I'd signed my receipt.

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