Barbiturate Cat (barbituratecat) wrote in bad_service,
Barbiturate Cat

Northwest Airlines

Does anyone have any experience with Northwest Airlines? I'm extremely unhappy with their service right now, and I'm not even the one who was flying.

My husband and a friend went to New York at the beginning of the week. Now, he's flown a lot, he understands how connecting flights work, so he made certain they had a lot of time between one flight and the next, to get everything done in time. Easy, right?

Well, no. Their first flight was almost two hours late. This could have been a disaster, however, their connecting flight was also late. Not due to weather, though, since everyone was boarded on the plane on time, only to be repeatedly told they were being delayed for random things. [Apparently they kept finding things 'wrong' with the plane, and eventually got everyone off the plane, got them back on, etc]. Finally, they get in the air and arrive on the ground, six hours late.

Now jump to today. Surprise surprise, their flight is late - again. This time it's apparently a weather delay, which is understandable. But still, it's three hours late, which means unless they leave right this second when the plane touches down, they miss their connecting flight. They've already informed Northwest that they need to catch this flight back home, or they're stuck in Minneapolis until they can get another flight. They're assured it won't be a problem, they'll catch that flight or get them on the next available one home.

So what happens? Their plane gets to Minneapolis, late. And as they're waiting to deplane, they see their connecting flight leaving. Great!

So now they're stuck in Minneapolis until tomorrow. They've been given a free hotel room, but that's really no comfort. And the frustration here stems from the fact that most airlines seem to hold flights when they know they have passengers who are just taxiing in to the terminal on delayed flights. Hell, I've been on planes that were delayed waiting for other passengers who were still on flights coming in. Northwest knew they needed that flight in advance and that the might be cutting it close, yet they didn't hold it even as they were at the terminal.

So instead of holding a flight for ten minutes or so for them to run across the airport and board, they're making them stay in Minneapolis for almost twelve extra hours. I understand weather delays, but I also think it's incredibly poor service to screw over your customers and strand them away from home because every single flight they took [except the one they needed] was late. Repeatedly.

Frack this, I could drive to Minneapolis and pick them up before this stupid flight tomorrow morning!
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