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Ummmm ...

We finally got a Lowe's in our city in South carolina and the staff and service is WONDERFUL there! Then we went on vacation in massachusettes and WOW, their Lowe's sucks. Big time.

Service? No, phone ...

So dad's in a hurry to get some parts for my grandma's washing machine. Except he's not sure which parts since he hasn't done plumbing in awhile. So we zoom over to the plumbling section and the tiny washer/additions section. We can't find ANYTHING we need. I peek my head around and spot four workers. 2 are on cellphones, one's on a main phone, and one is a newbie who looks TOTALLY lost. dada nd I head for the main phone guy, he takes 3 seconds to tell us next desk, someone will be there to help us, and goes right back to phone chatting.

Dad and I head to the next desk ... empty. My dad is now seriously impatient, sees NO ONE around that will even look at him or me, and goes back to the washers section and starts to look through all the washer bags.

I hear you knocking ...

I point out there's a button for help. A fellow customer next to us shows it's already been pressed by him, and has been flashing for the last 10 minutes. Dad grabs a few bags of washers, an attachment, and we proceed to the check out, tired of no help at all.

Him and him, not you or you or you ...

We're waiting in the check out with a woman at the counter, a tall guy behind her, a Spanish looking guy in front of us, two behind us, and a family of three behind them. While waiting in the ONE line that's open, I see a commotion a few lines down. A Spanish guy is counting his drawer. No problem, maybe he's about to open? Nope. The guy in front of us starts to yell to someone "he open??? he open??? NO???". The Spanish cashier further down calls for the next guy in line. The Spanish guy in front of us rushes over, as well as the two behind us and they all get checked out. The guy now in front of us is stepping up to the register with a cartful now. But instead of asking for the next ones in line which would be my dad and I, the Spanish cashier wanders off, having never turned on his light at his register.

Dad and I finally get out of there, get home, turns out we can only use ONE washer of the bags of washers we used and the fitting was the wrong bloody size. ARGH!!!! If we weren't on vavaction, I would have gone back and complained severely.


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