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apartment sucks

In lieu of apartments sucking I ended up writing a letter to Kier management going over my apartment complex because they have not helped and Housing Authority because without my complex helping, they in turn can not help either.
So this is what I wrote Kier, just sent it off today. Copy and pasted minus my information obviously.

To whom it may concern

I am a resident in one of your communities. The South Valley complex in Evanston Wyoming.
I have lived in my same unit for a year and a month and I have had a problem since about the 2nd month of living here.
I am writing about several problems that I am having.

~The first and most major problem is:
My bedroom wall and carpet get soaked whenever it rains or when the snow is melting. At first it was a little patch of water maybe a foot square. It was not pleasant but I could manage. I let management at South Valley know of the problem on several occasions but they informed me that nothing could be done unless the foundation was dug up. On March 6 I had an inspection done by the Evanston Housing Authority as I claim voucher 8. They were told of this problem (as well as several others) and I was informed that it would be taken care of.

This past month it got to the point where my bed had to be moved and 2 whole towels lying side by side on the floor were soaked. Also, there is a foot by one inch long strip of mold on my carpet in one spot and an inch by 5 inches or so in another spot. The leaking has now become a health problem. Since I had told South Valley about this on several occasions I went to housing to see what they could do. Donna at the Housing Authority called South Valle and told them to fix it or something. She was told that SV needed to get a hold of management in Ogden (kier) to decide what to do. It has been 2 weeks since this and nothing has been done nor has South Valley contacted me to let me know that they have or have not got permission to fix this.I do not feel I should be paying my full amount of rent or any amount until this gets fixed. I do not want to get the health department involved because I feel that it should be a fix made by my apartment managers. If that is not possible then I feel that since it is not being fixed that if I choose to move out (which is starting to become a real possibility to my health because of the mold) I believe that I should not be subjected to the $1000.00 move out fee.

The second and third problems are not as big but still need to be addressed.
First, my toilet leaks water where the back is connected to the bowl. I was told that if it was not a tightening of bolts that needed to be done it would be a new seal. Maintenance came to look at it and told me that it was a new seal that was needed and it has been at least 5 weeks since he has been here and it has not been fixed. The other day while cleaning the floor it came to my knowledge that it has started to mold the underside of my cabinet because of leaking.
The second problem is that my shower has not been caulked properly so the water has leaked out of the tub causing dry rot on the plaster adjacent to the tub and it has some mold problems as well. At the same time the maintenance person came to fix the toilet he was informed of this problem as well and told me that he needed to cut it out and re-plaster and paint. This has not been done either.

I sent them pictures as well

Summary - Carpet and wall leak, mold has started to form on carpet and complex will not do anything. As well as tub and toilet leaking causing more mold.
And I Have pictures too if anyone is that interested =^_^=

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