kryceksangel (kryceksangel) wrote in bad_service,

Service in Las Vegas

I just got back from Las Vegas yesterday and boy I tell you you can enjoy the gambling and the entertainment, but don't expect great service.

First night I was staying at Bally's where Paris is right next to. I met my Aunt and cousins and we decided to get a late dinner (well it was 8:30 so it wasn't too late) at Le Cafe.

My cousins and aunt are playing Keno and we are waiting for the waitress to come take our order. We do and then we sit there for more then a half hour just waiting for our food to come. They say it was busy but come on a half hour is a little too long. Also the waitress compmletely ignored us. She asked the tables around us if they wanted refills or desert. Let's just say when we left she didn't get much of a tip. It took over an hour for us to leave.

The last two days of my vacation I stayed at Circus Circus. Personally I loved my room even if the furniture was outdated. 32" plasma TV and really comfortable bed makes me ignore that ;). I had gone up to my room to get something and watched a little TV (I have this thing for judge shows) and the housekeeper comes in and I leave and she says there's no towels. I think that's okay I'm t he only one there, I don't need towels since I had already put my towel from the night before back on my rack. This isn't a total suck but more of a WTF. When I got back later my bath rug was gone and the towel I had put on the rack was gone. Which was strange since it said if you want to reuse the towel put it back on the rack.

But here's the observed and slight bad service to me suck. I decided to go to the Circus Cafe for dinner since I had a coupon for a dollar off prime rib dinner. I like Prime Rib and it made it like $11. I get there and didn't hear the waitress tell me to follow her while she was sitting a table of two. She was pretty snotty about it when I did go over to her.

The table across from me had 7 people (one being a baby) and I guess they had been waiting for over an hour for there dinner. 5 prime rib dinners so you know that won't exactly be fast. But the baby was fussy so the father left with the baby. They got their food pretty fast when they complained.

At my table I was going oh no I have to get up at 5 AM tomorrow because I had a plane leaving at 9 (Have to finish packing and check out). I finish my ice tea and am trying to get someone's attention to refill it. THe person behind me gets more water but I'm ignored. I try to get the waitresses attention but she just goes: your food is coming right up. I sigh and wait. I get more iced tea when she brings my food. The prime rib was excellent but my baked potato wasn't cooked all the way. Argh!

There was a lot of complaining at the restaurant but I didn't want to complain about the potato because I didn't want to wait another half hour.

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