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My husband and I just moved from Chicago to Austin. A couple of weeks before our move I requested an online quote for the change in our policy.

I received the quote about an hour later, and it was $200 less every six months than what we had been paying. I took it into account when working out our new budget and planned to make the changes after our move.

Thursday, I logged onto their site to make the change. About an hour later I received an e-mail update to my policy, stating that our new six-month premium was $1046, $400 more than the quote that I was given two weeks ago. I replied to the e-mail explaining that I'd been quoted a different figure and referencing the original quote reference number. Another hour went by, and I received a form e-mail saying, "We realize that when you moved, you may not have anticipated a rate increase. The change in premium is due to your new location and/or the updated usage information for your vehicle."

My husband called them and asked why our premium would go UP when our usage was staying the same, we had moved to a far less densely populated area with lower accident rates, and had off-street parking available for the first time since we originally bought insurance from them in 2005.

They gave him a speech about how many factors are involved in determining rates. He said he understood, but didn't understand why the figure was so different from what I had been quoted two weeks before. He provided the quote reference number, which they said they could not find in their system.

They looked into our policy further, and said that our rate had gone up because they learned that my husband had a recent ticket for driving without insurance. He was pulled over in January for driving 35 in a 30 (it had JUST gone down from a 40 and he hadn't slowed down before the sign), and the insurance card in his wallet was two weeks expired. He went to court a couple of months later with proof that the car was insured at the time, and the ticket was thrown out. Besides which, how could they penalize us for driving our car "uninsured" when they were insuring it at the time?

We got a quote from another company, went in and filled out the paperwork yesterday, and called Geico to cancel. My husband explained that we were unhappy that they pretty much bait and switched us, then gave us the runaround when we tried to get them to explain the two vastly different figures, and that this other company was offering us a premium that was almost half what they wanted to charge us. The representative he spoke to said that the other company must not have checked our driving records (they had) and that our premium would jump as soon as they found out that he'd been driving around uninsured. Argh!
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