The Ninja (the_ninja_style) wrote in bad_service,
The Ninja

well, I wanted it fix if it's not too much to ask

My toliet water won't stop running. It has been doing this since last week. Last week I called maintenance who told me they would be over that day, only they never show up. That was on Monday, and I waited till Thursday to call back. Again they promise they will be right over. Someone's toliet might be getting fixed, but it sure the hell isn't mine because they don't show up again.

Today, I skipped calling maintenance and called the landlord. I tell her that I have called twice, and that my toliet has been a slow running fountain since last week. I can only imagine the water bill they are going to get for my unit. Apparently, "water bill" was the magic words and today a maintenance man came out to fix the problem. Yay!

I come home and see the work order on my door and as soon as I enter my apartment, I can hear the water still running. WTF? I ask my nanny what the guy did, and she tells me that it looked like all he did was drain the tank, flush it, and leave.

Back to the landlord. I tell her how the problem is still not fixed and she tells me she's sending the head maintenance man out to get this taken care of once and for all. So, Mr. Head Maintenance guy shows up and goes straight for my bedroom. If there are units with master suites I wasn't told and frankly, I want one, dammit. I ask him what he's doing and he says, "You got the raccoon in the ceiling right?" Oh, this is looking hopeful. I tell him no, I have the always running toliet. To the bathroom we go, while I ponder just how in the hell a person on the ground floor gets a raccoon in their ceiling.

Mr. Head Maintenance guy lifts up the lid to the tank and says, "Well... you got a leak." OMG NO. WAY. Anyway, he drains it, flushes it, watches it fill back up and then the never ending sound of running water starts again. He mumbles, "Fuck." He then has the nerve to turn to me and with a smile on his face says, "There you go!" Right, because everyone finishes a project by muttering, "Fuck." I know I try to do so. It really makes the people I deal with at work feel as if I have done a thorough job.

I ask him just exactly how he has fixed the problem, as it is still running like it was before. He tells me that, "some toilets just do that," and leaves.

So on Monday it's back to the landlord. I just want this damn thing fixed. It's annoying, and it's obviously broken. Who would have thought that it would be this hard?
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