like a shooting star it fades (shewasred) wrote in bad_service,
like a shooting star it fades

The last post about schools and their crappy financial departments reminded me of this one, from my freshman year of college.

I'll admit to a bit of stupidity on my part. I registered for an overload. Just one hour over what is covered by my scholarship. More than I could handle, but that's another story. At the time of registration, I was not informed that this would cost an extra $400. I also wasn't informed of that during confirmation (I'm not sure if all colleges do this, but this is basically move-in day plus a bunch of red tape), when I made sure my bill was paid in full.

I didn't learn about that extra $400 until nearly a month into the semester, when someone from the school's financial department began making constant phone calls to my parent's house, asking for $400. No reason was given as to why I owed the college this. So I went in to the financial department and was told that I needed to pay for my overload. I was a bit miffed to just be learning about that extra expense, but I happened to have just enough in my checking account to cover it.

Fast forward two weeks. Once again, my mother is receiving phone calls from our financial department, telling her that I owe $400 and must come in and pay it immediately or have a check mailed to the college in the full amount. My mother insists that I have paid the bill, and is told that I most certainly have not. I go into the office and I meet with a different woman than the one who has been making the phone calls. Guess what I'm told? The other woman didn't endorse my check before sending it off to the bank. And then she lied to my mother about it. Really mature and professional, eh?

I guess this could be worse, though. I've heard horror stories from others about the college's financial department refusing to print their work study checks because it's too late in the day and they don't feel like it. Yeah.
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